In this new digital world, teens often spend more time on their cellphones and computers than in books. So, we thought it made sense to offer a fun, engaging visual alternative for teens to learn the important lessons in What They Don’t Teach Your Teen.

Our e-courses complement the thirteen chapters in the What They Don’t Teach Your Teen book, some of which will be available before the book’s publication. In the e-courses, we teach basic laws teens need to know and put them in reality-based life situations and ask them a vital question: What would you do?

If they don’t choose wisely, the e-course helps them learn and fail forward because they experience the result of their incorrect answers. These results can be the difference between graduating and being expelled or between jail and getting into the college of their dreams. Ultimately, when our teens are given similar choices in the real world, they will have the knowledge to succeed!

Our first e-course, on sexual consent, will be coming out in early 2017. Please take a moment to sign up for our e-mail list so we can let you know once it’s available!