There’s quite a contrast between Jonathan’s work as a prosecutor and his earlier life as a deeply troubled teen.  Yet it’s those experiences coupled with his familiarity with digital technologies, training and certification as a Violence Prevention Specialist, and strong desire to keep his three sons safe that situates him perfectly to author the forthcoming What They Don’t Teach Teens (publishing April 2, 2020 by Quill Driver Books) and help teens stay safe in the modern world.

Jonathan Cristall
Author of
What They Don’t Teach Teens

Since 2002, Jonathan has been a prosecutor in the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office. The reality is that he spends as much time in the most dangerous, gang-inhabited neighborhoods in the city—and L.A. is the gang capital of the United States, if not the world—as he does in his office. He regularly straps on a bulletproof vest and goes out with the police into gang-controlled, violence-riddled places.

Jonathan supervises a team of prosecutors who work directly alongside federal and local law enforcement to help make LA’s toughest areas safer for the many law abiding people who live there.  The teens and children who call these neighborhoods home grow up around gangs, drugs, street violence, and domestic violence on a daily basis. The way Jonathan and his team see it, these kids have every right to feel as safe walking down their street as others do in more affluent parts of the City.

It was incredibly unlikely Jonathan would ever be a lawyer, let alone a prosecutor. Following his parents’ divorce in 1984 (he was eleven), his mother moved his brother and him to Los Angeles, California, from Alberta, Canada. Once in Los Angeles, Jonathan’s mother developed serious health issues and with zero parental oversight, he soon started going down a dark path.

Feeling emotionally and physically broken, Jonathan was taking unnecessary risks that put his life in great peril. During his junior year of high school as Jonathan was continuing to unravel, his father unexpectedly stepped in and shipped him off to a private therapeutic boarding school in Running Springs, California. When he graduated from boarding school in 1990, Jonathan felt it had saved his life and given him a new start.

The long-established social service agency Peace Over Violence in Los Angeles has trained and certified Jonathan as a Violence Prevention Specialist to teach about issues related to interpersonal, sexual and domestic violence.

Jonathan currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three sons.